Applying for site

Sites in map view

You can view free sites in the map service. Select a site in the map view and click Apply for site.

Making an application

You need a user name to the service to make a site application.

You can apply for one site by clicking Apply only for this site and go directly to the application.

You can add the site to the list of sites and add several sites by clicking Add this site to the list of selected sites and continue selecting sites.

If you want to apply for several sites, add the sites to the list of selected sites. You can apply for the sites by clicking the Fill site application button in the list.

Application details

If you apply for several sites, you can sort the sites by preference. The preference is used only in case you were to receive several sites.

All applicants should be added to the application by clicking Add new applicant. At least one of the applicants should use strong authentication before sending the application.

Application is sent by clicking Send application. When the application has been received, an e-mail confirmation is sent. The email includes a link to the application.